Monday Occupation outside MoD, Victoria Embankment : Programme of Speakers

Activist Bruce Kent at the #StopTrident rally at Trafalgar Square

Around mid-morning on Monday 7 October we will set up a stage in the middle of the Victoria Embankment road outside the Ministry of Defence as part of the wider Extinction Rebellion.

Shortly after the occupation of the road artist Peter Kennard, who created the iconic image of the CND symbol with a broken ballistic missile, and a détournement of John Constable’s “The Hay Wain” called “Haywain with Cruise Missiles” will create a new work of art linking militarism and the climate emergency.

Haywain with Cruise Missiles by Peter Kennard
Haywain with Cruise Missiles by Peter Kennard

At 3:30pm legendary Vice-President of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Bruce Kent will speak from the stage in the Victoria Embankment road following a panel discussion featuring the Stop the War chair Lindsey German, Victoria Brittain, journalist and author of Hidden Lives, Hidden Deaths and Dr Rebecca Johnson, Co-Chair of CND and member of the Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Here’s the full programme of speakers for Monday:

Peter Kennard, Creating a new work of visual art, mid morning
Dmitri van Zwanenberg, Violinist, 1pm
Frankie Armstrong Singer, 1:30pm-2pm
Caroline Lucas MP Green Party, Solidarity speech
Panel discussion: 2pm – 3:30pm
 – Lindsey German, Stop the War
 – Victoria Brittain, Author and journalist
 – Rebecca Johnson, Co-Chair of CND
Speakers and Q&A: 3:30pm
 – Bruce Kent, Vice President of CND
 – Sue Miller, Stop Ecocide
 – Emma Dent Coad, MP for Kensington
The Artboy, Slam poetry, 4pm-4:15pm