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Open letter to police, 25 Sept 2019


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Police Liaison Meeting at Lambeth Police HQ on 2nd Oct 2019 at 10am

Present: Police -Sgt Keith Leahy and Const Wayne Tebboth of the M06 Police Liaison Gateway Team who manage protest groups on behalf of and in direct communication with Gold/Silver Commanders.

XR – Paolo, Gabrielle, Paul, Peter, Angie.
Notes by ACZ

Content of meeting:
After introductions, Angie asked if they were aware of the 2 letters that XR Peace had sent to Asst. Commissioner Nick Ephgrave – they were not and said they would enquire about them.

XR outlined very openly the plans of XR and explained with maps where the 12 XR protest sites would be situated, how the protests would be completely nonviolent and that XR would respect the blue light emergency protocols that had been established in April. It was explained how concerned many people were about the climate and ecological emergency and that well-known religious, political and social leaders in society would be joining the protests.

XR also stressed the safety concerns, right to life and necessity for the protests to take place in order to persuade the Government to deal with changes necessary to stop climate chaos.

The police answered with ‘The whole plan is totally unacceptable. All legal recourse will be taken, people arrested and property seized’.

The police were not willing to discuss or compromise in any way to find a way forward for peaceful protest to be accommodated.

XR then asked about how any property seizure would be dealt with as there had been a great deal of confusion in April. The police agreed that it had been hard to know who had seized and kept the property – whether it was local councils or police – and said that this time it would be better organised.

After more questions from both sides it was clarified by the police that they saw the October Rebellion merely as a public order issue and were not looking any wider.

Open letter to police, 5th Oct 2019


Download Open letter to police, 5 Oct 2019.]