Court Testimonies

Following arrests at the October Rebellion 2019

Dear sir or madam

I wish to plead guilty to this case with the following statement:
Martin Luther King said that sometimes an ambulance has to jump a red light to save lives.

Today we face such a situation – man-made climate change is now real beyond doubt and the biggest threat to humanity and the natural world we have ever faced. If we don’t act now it may be too late.

It is not being taken seriously enough or acted upon quickly enough by the power-holders – many are in denial or only remain committed to small and distant change. As responsible citizens we have a duty, enshrined in common law, to peacefully and non-violently protest and demonstrate to raise awareness of this issue critical to the survival of life on Earth. 

I understand that it is a very complex and challenging issue to face, and that it is easy to hope it is not as serious as it is, and to hope it will just correct itself and go away – but no evidence points to this being the outcome. On the contrary, recent evidence points to a speeding up of man-made climate change and its effects.

I believe we have a clear responsibility and duty of conscience to protect humanity and the environment for the future – as far as we know the Earth is the only home to diverse life in our part of the universe. I believe with all my heart that it is worth protecting and saving. 

My grandchildren are growing up fast and I need to know that they, all children and all future generations can grow up to realise their potential and live reasonably safe lives – in the knowledge that their forebears did all they could to preserve the world for them and their children.

This is why I acted and took part in a peaceful and non-violent protest.

Your faithfully
M. Armstrong


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