Press Release: The Peace Movement is joining with Extinction Rebellion

XR PEACE Press Release 25th September 2019

The Peace Movement is joining with Extinction Rebellion to Demand Government Action on the Climate

A coalition of peace and anti-nuclear groups known as XR Peace is joining Extinction Rebellion to disrupt business as usual around Westminster as part of the October Rebellion. XR Peace will block the road on the Embankment adjacent to the Ministry of Defence HQ starting on Oct 7th.

As well as people occupying the road there will be an extensive programme of workshops and discussions, exploring the impact of war and militarisation on the climate. The use or threat of military power backs up the political power and corporate self interest that is resisting telling the truth and preventing the changes needed to address the climate crisis. The undemocratic nature of those power structures must be challenged by climate change and anti-militarist activists working together with people from many other movements.

The peace movement has a long history of nonviolent civil resistance and will provide a space for conflict resolution and for ‘active listening’ for the general public as well as participants in the blockade.

Organisations who have joined the XR Peace coalition are: Trident Ploughshares, CND, Scottish CND, CND Cymru, Stop the War, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, , War Resisters International, Nukewatch, Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre, Iona Community, Nipponzan Myohoji UK Peace Pagodas.

Jane Tallents of Nukewatch said “The inevitable climate crisis will lead to more conflict and more war, even nuclear war. At the same time the huge use of resources and the carbon emissions associated with the military worldwide drives global warming and all its life threatening consequences. We must do all we can to make Governments take action on the science”

Angie Zelter of Trident Ploughshares said “Militarism and war are inextricably linked with the destruction of habitats. Our presence from 7th October outside the Ministry of Defence will highlight the links between militarism and the climate emergency and call for an immediate transfer of the resources, skills and people power from the military into addressing the climate crisis. We need systemic change if we and our ecosystem are to survive.”


Angie Zelter

Jane Tallents

XR Peace demands
“Now is the time to work together, globally, to create a resilient and caring society that will:

  1. Speak the truth about the climate and ecological emergency emphasising how war causes climate chaos and destroys our living environment, which in turn causes more conflict and war;
  2. Act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025; and
  3. Insist that the Government and all political leaders create and be led by the decisions of a Citizen’s Assembly on climate and ecological justice.
  4. XR Peace demands that the government work to reduce international tensions, avoid war as a method of resolving conflict, eliminate nuclear weapons, dramatically reduce military spending and redirect resources currently in the MOD budget to address the threat of climate catastrophe that now faces all peoples of the earth.