Calling everyone: We’re ready to set up the XR Peace site

Tomorrow is the day our October Rebellion begins. Whether we have the tea urn and the cushions or any other useful equipment with us or whether its just us with our bodies we will be taking action for the planet outside the MOD. 

We’re ready to set up the XR Peace site with beautiful banners and artwork outside the Ministry of Defence. We hope to be there all week bringing the message that militarism and the climate crisis are linked.

Everybody can be part of this movement whether you can get to London or not, and whether you are arrestable or not. There are lots of roles to fill, and when you arrive ask about this. If you can make it to London we want as many people there as possible. If you can’t make it to London, please share on social media, talk to friends and colleagues, fly the XR flag.

Just a few points to bear in mind if you are joining us.   

Not to frighten anyone away but it’s important for everyone coming to the site to understand that you could be at some risk of arrest. If you’re not blocking the road it’s unlikely. But it’s really important that if you are arrested you tell the police that you consent to them giving information about you to anyone who asks – so that our support team can find out if you are being released or held for court.

There will be a team working hard to get our message and pictures out. Ask all your friends and family to share and spread the story far and wide. Follow us on Facebook and Share our posts.

If we are interviewed please speak from the heart, tell your story, what brought you to this point. And if you want to, please feel free to make any of these key points: 

  • Militarism is one of the central pillars of the carbon intensive exploitative extractive industrial system that is driving the climate crisis. Getting to net zero by 2025 will require a radical social transformation including ending militarism.
  • Climate change causes war and war causes climate change. About 6% of global carbon emissions are from military activity. Climate change is already a significant cause of conflicts and is a key factor driving the refugee crisis, both from food shortages and climate induced conflicts. The civil war in Syria, is a case in point. As the climate crisis gains pace there will be increasing tension and more wars.
  • Nuclear weapons are the twin existential threat to humanity and the planet. The risk of nuclear war will increase as international relations further deteriorate and conflicts increase with the deepening climate crisis. The use of just a fraction of the nuclear weapons deployed globally could result in a ‘nuclear winter’ leading to global famine and the death of two billion people.
  • As long as countries continue to prepare for and resort to war as a means of solving conflict we will not be able to address climate change.

Use and follow these HASHTAGS: 
#Everybodynow  #thetimeisnow   #HumansofXR  #xrpeace

Good luck everyone. See you on the streets!