XR Peace Key Messages

Extinction Rebellion Peace is a coalition of peace groups that has come together as an Extinction Rebellion Movement Group to support the overall goals of XR and raise awareness of the role of militarism and war in the climate crisis and to demand that resources that go to the military be used to address the climate emergency.

XR Peace Key messages: 

  • Militarism is a central pillar of the extractive systems that are causing Climate Change.
  • Climate change causes war. War causes climate change.
  • 6% of global greenhouse gases are from military activitity 
  • Nuclear weapons are the twin existential threat to humanity and the planet
  • To address the climate crisis we must end militarism.

Militarism is one of the central pillars of the carbon intensive exploitative extractive industrial system that is driving the climate crisis. Getting to net zero by 2025 will require a radical social transformation including ending militarism.

Climate change causes war and war causes climate change. About 6% of global carbon emissions are from military activity. Climate change is already a significant cause of conflicts and is a key factor driving the refugee crisis, both from food shortages and climate induced conflicts. The civil war in Syria, is a case in point. As the climate crisis gains pace there will be increasing tension and more wars.

Nuclear weapons are the twin existential threat to humanity and the planet. The risk of nuclear war will increase as international relations further deteriorate and conflicts increase with the deepening climate crisis. The use of just a fraction of the nuclear weapons deployed globally could result in a “nuclear winter” leading to global famine and the death of two billion people.   

As long as countries continue to prepare for and resort to war as a means of solving conflict we will not be able to address climate change. All people of the earth face a common threat. To avert catastrophe we must find new ways of thinking and work together to save our shared home. 


XR Peace demands that the government work to reduce international tensions, avoid war as a method of resolving conflict, eliminate nuclear weapons, dramatically reduce military spending and redirect resources currently in the MOD budget to address the threat of climate catastrophe that now faces all peoples of the earth. 

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