XR Peace Organisational Structure

Foundations of XR Peace

XR Peace is a coalition of organisations, from small local groups to large national membership based campaign groups like CND that work to promote peace and disarmament in various ways. XR Peace is an XR Movement of Movements and Connecting Communities group. Thus we have a responsibility to XR and to our coalition members to ensure that we are carrying out our mandate.

XR Peace Mandate: To nonviolently challenge the military corporate industrial structures and interests that are a key factor driving the climate crisis and promote the 3 demands of XR.

XRP Structure

In order to have a structure within which we can grow XR Peace, stay dynamic and not restrict the activities of AGs unnecessarily we have created a structure for XR Peace. This includes a Council, Affinity Groups (AGs), an AGs Reps Circle and a Co-ordinating Group.

XRP Council

The Council is made up of representatives of the organisations in the coalition. It is a space for groups in the network to collaborate to raise awareness of militarism as a key pillar of the climate and ecological crisis and to build support within the climate and environmental movements for redirecting resources away from militarism towards carbon neutral and sustainable practices.

Council and the AG Reps Circle both feed into setting general direction for strategy. Council facilitates spreading the word about XR Peace activities and mobilises network and local groups to form Affinity Groups or directs individuals to the XR Peace Outreach person who can help them integrate into an appropriate existing Affinity Group.

XRP Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups come together around some commonality for the purpose of being active within XR Peace. This can be geographical or around some shared value or identity such as a faith.

Affinity Groups can organise actions under the banner of XR Peace as long as these take forward the purposes of XR Peace. The AGs each have point people for the different roles, i.e. Actions Coordinator, Media & Messaging, Legal support, Wellbeing, Outreach etc. During rebellions each of these people would liaise with their counterpart on the XR Peace Coordinating Group who in turn liaise with their counterparts in the Rebellion Support (RSO) Office.

AGs can carry out actions autonomously. They communicate about those actions with the whole of XR Peace through the AGs Reps Circle.

Decision Making

We work on a consensus basis. AGs are free to determine their own process. The process that is used by the Coordinating Group is described by Seeds for Change here. Each circle can make decisions autonomously. AG reps in the AG Reps Circle ensure that all of the AGs are included in the decisions made there.

XR P Affinity Group Circle

The AG Circle is made up of 1 Rep from each of the AGs. We hope there will be AGs from CND, WILPF, Iona Community, TP, XR Against the Arms Trade (XRAAT) and others. What generally happens under the XRP banner is agreed jointly by XRP Council and the XRP AG  Circle. Campaign proposals can be initiated by Council or by AGs.

AGs can carry out actions autonomously but AGs bring proposals for actions to the AG Circle where possible. The AG Circle can give feedback and make suggestions for amendments. This is to ensure coherent and coordinated strategy and messaging, support to each other’s actions, coordination across the wider rebellion and an opportunity to raise concerns about potentially controversial actions.

Some actions need to be planned and carried out secretly, using secure communications. Where possible plans should be communicated securely to the Actions Coordinator in the Coordinating Group. Support for high risk actions is available for XR Peace Coordinating Group and from XR High Risk Action Team. Potentially controversial actions and actions of national significance should be brought to the National Action Circle for consideration.

Any actions carried out should be recorded and reported on our website and Social Media.

Coordinating Group

The XRP Coordinating Group coordinates activities across XR Peace, ensures activities align with XR Peace and XR purposes and strategic plans. Members of the Coordinating Group are drawn from all the AGs. The XR Peace Coordinating Group is composed of Coordinators for Actions, Media and Messaging, Outreach, Wellbeing and other points, who are drawn from all the AGs.

An AGs  Circle liaison person communicates plans to the Coordinating Group. This can be via the Actions Coordinator or by attending a meeting of the Coordinating Group. The Coordinating Group supports the AGs, and actions.

Making statements on behalf of XR Peace

If AGs want to make statements as XR Peace these should be agreed by the XRPeace M&M Coordinator. This way we avoid surprises and ensure coherent press strategy and messaging. This is especially important when we are doing days of coordinated action.

Memorandum of Understanding

XR Peace signed a Memorandum of Understanding with XR outlining our responsibilities as an XR Movement of Movements group.