XR Peace Demands

XR Peace demands were agreed as being:
“Now is the time to work together, globally, to create a resilient and caring society that will:

  1. Speak the truth about the climate and ecological emergency emphasising how war causes climate chaos and destroys our living environment, which in turn causes more conflict and war
  2. Act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025
  3. Insist that the Government and all political leaders create and be led by the decisions of a Citizen’s Assembly on climate and ecological justice
  4. Demand that the government work to reduce international tensions, avoid war as a method of resolving conflict, eliminate nuclear weapons, conducts and publishes annual risk and impact assessments of UK military activities on global emissions and climate-related insecurity, dramatically reduce military spending and redirect resources currently in the MOD budget to address the climate and ecological emergency that now faces all peoples of the earth