Extinction Rebellion Peace Protesting at UK Supreme Court

Citizens call on the UK Supreme Court to recognise the crime of Ecocide and the illegality of nuclear weapons, and to protect people’s rights to freedom of assembly.

Eight Extinction Rebellion Peace rebels, as part of the October Extinction Rebellion, are holding a protest this morning in front of the Supreme Court calling on the court to use its powers to uphold and strengthen international law in relation to human rights and earth rights. The rebels are glued to each other and are standing calmly in a semicircle in front of the court in spite of the imposition of a Section 14 Order earlier this week prohibiting any Extinction Rebellion protest in London.

Jo Blackman (56), an adult education tutor from Shrewsbury, said: “The Supreme Court needs to step up and act with integrity, wisdom and courage to protect people and planet as we face multiple existential threats to life on earth, including ultimately the survival of our own species. We are here today supporting the call for a new law of ecocide that would prohibit mass damage and destruction of the earth, including by fossil fuel extraction and burning, rainforest destruction, industrial agriculture and other acts which have been shown to be driving climate breakdown and mass extinctions.”

Brian Larkin (59) from Howgate in Scotland said:“The imposition of a Section 14 Order on Monday night banning any Extinction Rebellion protest in London is totally unacceptable and we are here today to call on the Supreme Court to protect people’s rights to freedom of assembly.”

Jane Tallents (61), of Howgate in Scotland said: “Climate change causes war and war causes climate change. About 6% of global carbon emissions are from military activity. As the climate crisis gains pace there will be increasing tension. If countries continue to resort to war as a means of attempting to solve conflict, we will not be able to avert catastrophic climate breakdown. Instead we must find new ways of thinking and work together to save our shared home.”

Angie Zelter (68),from Knighton in Wales, Coordinator of the Public Interest Case Against Trident (PICAT) said “We have asked the Attorney General to allow us to bring a case against the Prime Minister and Defence Secretary for conspiring to commit a war crime. This is because we have evidence that deploying Trident is such a conspiracy. The Attorney General has refused. We are asking the court to allow us to take this case to the courts. It is a crime to threaten mass destruction. The court needs to hear evidence. This is why I am here. We need the regulation of power by the law. Corporations and governments are not above the law.”

Sylvia Boyes (75), a Quaker from Keighley said: “We are calling on the court to end all arms sales, especially those to regimes such as Saudi Arabia where the weapons are being used in clear violation of international humanitarian law in the war on Yemen.”