XR Peace Rebels locked on inside gazebo as police move in to clear Trafalgar Square of protesters

Three XR Peace rebels and one London XR rebel were arrested after they were cut out of lock-ons inside the XR Peace gazebo at Trafalgar Square.

Police were clearing Trafalgar Square of protesters after having apparently amended the Section 14 order under which that site had been designated a lawful place for Extinction Rebellion rebels to protest.

Sylvia Boyes had immediately returned to Trafalgar Square after being arrested earlier in the day outside the entrance to BAE Systems. She joined Angie Zelter and Michael Buick, and all were later arrested and taken to Brixton police station.

All three XR Peace rebels have now been released. Angie and Sylvia were charged with violating the Section 14 order.

XR Peace rebels are determined to continue as part of this rebellion and are planning further actions this week. All welcome to join us. Contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

The XR Peace gazebo in Trafalgar Square earlier in the day, before the police moved in: