Strategy and Plans

XR Peace is now deliberating on our strategy and plans for the next year or two.

We are likely to concentrate on the waste of resources, breaches of law and the climate impact of the UK defence and arms sales industries, especially of BAE Systems (the 4th largest arms dealer in the world with their greedy fingers in most live conflicts).

If any of you have ideas and would like to input into our strategising and planning then please contact us at

If anyone wants to help research possible targets then also contact us.

We need to start preparing for our actions and need more dedicated XRPeace Affinity Groups (AGs). Anyone who wants to stop the damage that the militarisation of the world is inflicting are encouraged to get a local AG (affinity group) together.

Those people who are already in a regional or country XR group in the UK can also become an XRPeace AG, and then choose at any specific point in time what action they will support. There will be many times when the dates and timings of your local XR AG actions/commitments and those of XRPeace will not conflict. If you want to help and be linked in with our XRPeace actions please let us know so we can include you in the briefings and actions. Contact and tell us the liaison contact for your XRPeace AG as soon as possible.

We are keeping a track on the legal fallout from October but need you to contact us with dates and information about any charges that emerge or cases that might come up.

Angie Zelter, who was arrested 5 times in October and charged 4 times, is exploring a civil case against the Met with the help of lawyers. This is since the High Court ruling that the Met had acted unlawfully in imposing a Section 14 on all XR activists meeting and resisting in London during the October Rebellion. We will keep you posted on the results.

Meanwhile the crowdfunder has been taken down after raising £2,252. A big thank you to all of you who contributed. The funds not already used will be held over to help future XRPeace activists with the costs surrounding legal proceedings. If fines already paid out are repaid by the courts due to successful civil proceedings against the Met, these will be repaid into the XRPeace fund too.

Meanwhile, XR Peace will continue to need funds to carry out its work so do please help when you can by donating here.