XR Peace Friday Update

XRPeace have been a continuing significant presence as part of the October Extinction Rebellion here in London, carrying the message that militarism is a central pillar of the exploitative forces that are destroying our precious earth.

Today we finally set up our gazebo tent and will be spending the night here!

On Monday about 75 of us occupied the Embankment outside the MOD from 6am until 11am with two people locked on to a car and three locked on to a mock Trident missile and others simply sitting in the road. The early start meant that our actions featured prominently in national media coverage of the start of the rebellion. Check out some XR Peace press coverage on this website. Twenty four people were arrested on our site.

On Tuesday four XR Peace did a Die-in with fake blood partially blocking the back entrance to the MOD and although staying 5 hours left without being arrested. Angie Zelter and a polar bear from the Knighton and Presteign group were arrested in Whitehall as the police tried to clear it. Angie was held over two nights and appeared in Westminster Magistrate Court and pleaded Guilty to a charge of Obstruction of the Highway in order to be out again on the streets.

On Thursday three XR Peace grandparents and a 93 year old great grandfather locked and glued on across the road at Trafalgar Square for 5 hours helping to keep the road around the Square blocked after a wooden box tower was cleared by the police. They unlocked to rest and regroup for continuing action. With police clearing several mass blockades around the city, it feels right for our actions now to be supporting the wider rebellion. There have been over 1000 arrests so far.

Reinforcements needed: We are planning further XR Peace actions for the early part of the coming week. Can you join us? We need both arrestable and non-arrestable people. We can provide accommodation.

Facebook: XR Peace blockade at October Rebellion

Twitter: @xrpeace and #xrpreace

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