XR Peace draws breath, debriefs and prepares for the future.

We continue to reflect on the two weeks of the October Rebellion and all the preparation work that went in to it. We are also taking part in debriefing sessions across Extinction Rebellion. If anyone has any feedback to give us please get in touch.

Most of the time rebels arrested with XR Peace during the October Rebellion were released “under investigation”. After the April Rebellion hundreds of people were later charged and court cases are still ongoing with trials being heard most days in City of London Magistrates Court. A number of plea hearings for the October Rebellion are being heard however any involving the Section 14 order are currently being adjourned. On November 6th The High Court ruled that the Metropolitan Police’s blanket ban on Extinction Rebellion protest during the October Rebellion was unlawful, in a landmark judgment that reasserts the fundamental right to peaceful protest.

On the first day of the Rebellion as XR Peace claimed the road on The Embankment next to the MOD building 23 rebels were arrested for Obstruction of the Highway and Conspiracy to Obstruct the Highway. Later arrests at BAe Systems were for Aggravated Trespass so we are anticipating some court cases.

During the Rebellion several of our rebels were held overnight and taken to court. Angie Zelter pled guilty on a charge of failing to comply with the public assembly condition (Section 14) and, due to breach of a previously imposed conditional discharge from the April rebellion and her long arrest record was fined £460 plus a victim surcharge of £46 and costs of £85. At a second court appearance following blocking of Oxford Circus Angie was given a total of £1250 in fines, surcharge and court costs.  She is appealing the sentence for breach of the Section 14 Order because of the subsequent High Court ruling that the conditions of the Order were unlawful.