October Rebellion in London

Action Plan for the XR Peace roadblock from 7th October 2019

Join XR Peace – a coalition of organisations for peace and justice as we hold one of the sites in the October Rebellion

War Causes Climate Change BannerWe will fill the space with colour, banners, installations, affinity groups. We will organise speakers, seminars, workshops, exhibitions about all aspects of the anti-nuclear and wider anti-military campaigns. We already have choirs, musicians, comedians, academics, story tellers and others willing to commit to our XR Peace space which will be very diverse. We will also talk about the long history of the peace movement and Nonviolent Direct Action and provide a space for conflict resolution and for ‘active listening’ for the general public as well as participants in the blockade. Small affinity groups will go out to engage in other nonviolent actions at nearby military and arms trade related sites.

Our presence will raise awareness of how militarisation, wars, armed conflicts, arms sales, all impact the climate, cause long terms pollution and enable corporate exploitation of scarce resources, which dispossess peoples and lead to militarised borders to limit climate-induced migration, and massive suffering. The use or threat of military power backs up the political power and corporate self interest that is resisting telling the truth and making the changes needed to address the climate crisis. The undemocratic nature of those power structures must be challenged by climate and anti-militarist rebels working together with rebels from many other movements.

We will be next to the MOD along The Embankment between Hungerford and Westminster Bridges. Please come and join us on 7th October and stay as long as you can – up to two weeks if possible.

If you are coming to join us by yourself then please approach the info tent for a welcome and to be informed about what is happening, when trainings will take place and to be linked up with an affinity group so you have lots of support.

Map of London showing the proposed locations of the XR sites

We will be taking part in this nonviolent action under the Extinction Rebellion action consensus You can download a summary of this – the XR Rebel Code- is in a leaflet here.

We’re encouraging all XR Peace Rebels to find their own accommodation in London with friends and relatives. If this is not possible then there may be help available.

It will be possible to come along without risking arrest. If you stay on the pavement and move when the police say there should be no problem. We hope that like in April there will be an opportunity for everyone to gather in the road before the police decide to clear the road if they do at all.

If you are thinking of risking arrest then
– Visit the XR Peace Legal Support page where you can print your XR Peace Bust Card.
Read the Legal Briefings from Extinction Rebellion.

Bring with you
Here is a list of things you may want to bring: food, water, cup, plate & spoon, pop up tent, mat, sleeping bag, spare clothes, rain gear, toiletries, oyster card, underground tube map, chain or lock on tube, fold up stool/chair, mobile phone. Bring any prescription medication in its original packaging with the pharmacists label on it.
……. but it all needs to be in one waterproof backpack that you can easily carry with your name & contact details in case you get parted from it.

Main contacts
The current co-organisers of XR Peace are Angie Zelter and Jane Tallents, and they can be contacted by email on xrpeace@gn.apc.org


South of the XR Peace site, there will be a Disability hub, at Victoria Tower Gardens, SW1P 3JA. There are plans for this to include a Mobiloo which has a changing bench and hoist. The hub will offer a charging point for powered wheelchairs, decent seating, camp beds, duvets and blankets, a quiet space, information in a range of formats, desensitization kits, and hopefully some camping space.

For accessible transport Visit London and Transport for London have excellent guides. TfL also has an accessible journey planner. Please see this page for details on the nearest accessible station to the XR Peace site.

XR are providing a Mobiloo at the Disability hub and another location. For a list of accessible toilets nearest to the XR Peace site, including cafes and pubs, see this page.

The XR Peace site will have an information point, so please ask there if you need any information or assistance regarding access issues.

Whitehall Gardens are very near to the XR Peace Space, and these offer a lovely quieter space to sit and get some peace if you feel you need a break.

We want to try to make actions accessible to everyone. If you have any concerns regarding access issues and coming along or taking part, and if you would like to get in touch with someone beforehand about this, then please do get in contact with access@xrpeace.org. Similarly, if you need more information or to ask any questions regarding access, please let us know.