Extinction Rebellion Peace Lock-on in Trafalgar Square

Members of Extinction Rebellion Peace were in action again today as a group of four locked on to each other in Trafalgar Square in support of the Extinction Rebellion effort to retain occupation of the site.

The four were: Sylvia Boyes (75) a Quaker grandmother of six from Keighley, Eric Levy (92), a great grandfather from London, Jane Tallents (61) grandmother of two from Scotland, and Brian Larkin (59) a grandfather from Scotland. All are members of the direct action anti nuclear weapons campaign group Trident Ploughshares. Jane and Brian were arrested yesterday during a “die-in” protest at the Ministry of Defence HQ in Whitehall and were released from police custody in the evening. After holding their ground for several hours the group voluntarily released themselves in order to contribute tomorrow to the ongoing occupations.

Extinction Rebellion Peace seeks to draw attention to the enormous contribution made by the military worldwide to climate changing emissions. It also stresses that the climate emergency and the ever-present risk of nuclear war are twin existential threats to human survival.

XR Peace continue to act this week as part of the London Rebellion.